It’s Been A While

January 17, 2008

    It’s been a while… since I’ve even looked at this.. I suppose I just join the ranks of the thousands of people that just create these for the heck of it, and I did, but I’m back. I doubt anyone read this anyway, and I won’t update it too often, but I’m back nonetheless. I’ll start adding some content that’s worth reading some time.
    I’ll have to say, Christmas wasn’t the greatest, but it went pretty well. I bought a PSP (kind of regretting it, but it’s still pretty cool. Probably would’ve preferred a Wii or Rock Band for 360) with the money I had. Speaking of Xbox 360… Our decided to kick the bucket today, with the Three Red Lights of Death. That’s always a nice thing.. Oh well, I’ll call Microsoft tomorrow.
    I’ve already ruined a PSP battery, trying to hardmod it so I could essentially use it as a Pandora battery, but since I ruined it, I’m going to buy a Datel TOOL Battery, and then use it. I’ll have to start off from the wall if I want to use the battery though. Oh well, it’ll be worth it. Any comments on any better methods for loading custom firmware on a 3.72 PSP Slim, and the contents of the Daxter Pack and the Star Wars Pack (my brother got it). Any comments are appreciated, and I’ll add something worthwhile over the next few days.
    I’m also considering buying an Asus Eee PC soon, but I may not. Also, I’m considering putting Linux back on this computer. I had Mint 4.0 on here, but I reverted back to Windows, mainly for the gaming. Since I haven’t done as much gaming as I planned, I think I’ll switch back to Linux, but I was always a distro-hopper, so any recommendations on distrobutions to try are welcome!


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Office 2007

August 30, 2007

    Woo, I’m using this as a post to test out Microsoft Word 2007. I’m publishing this straight from Word. Also, I apologize for being inactive for a while. I’ve either been gone or busy, as school began a few weeks ago. I’ll surely be back on sometime, later.


I’m a big DS homebrew fan

May 28, 2007

I have a Nintendo DS Lite, and an R4DS (, and a 1GB Kingston MicroSD Card. I use it for backing up my games… and for homebrew. So today, I thought I’d share someof my favorite DS Homebrew (that work for the R4 (in no particular order):

Note: Many of these require WiFi

BEUP: Windows Live Messenger on the DS (

DSAIM: AIM on the DS (get it from here:

DSLiveWeather: View Current weather and forecasts on your DS (

LMP-ng: an iPod themed music player (

NitroTracker: a music maker/ mixer, very nifty (

OKIWI Internet Browser: Shows GREAT promise, but yet to connect to WiFi (

Warcraft: Tower Defense: a fun homebrew game (

ComicBookDS: a nifty image viewer, great for reading comics/ mangas (hence the name)(

And believe me, that’s not all, I’ll update later, but for now, this is all.


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Check this out!

May 20, 2007

This is Guitar M-06 for Nintendo DS, this seems pretty neat:

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